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Our Mission

At Honey Bun, our mission is to make dating easier and more exciting for couples. We understand that coming up with new date ideas and taking the time to plan them can be a challenge. Life gets busy and things can easily get pushed to the back burner. However, your partner deserves the best, and they deserve your full attention and effort.

That's why we created our date idea cards in order to help couples effortlessly find the perfect adventure for their relationship. We have handpicked and curated the best ideas, making them easily accessible to you, allowing you to spend less time being indecisive and more time with the person you love, creating core memories.

Our History


How it all began

It all started with a viral TikTok that ended up getting 6 million views. The comment section was flooded with people saying "Can you make me one?", "I want one", "can you share the ideas?" and many more. At the time I was still at university studying graphic design and was dead broke but thought it would be amazing to fulfil my lifelong dream of having my own business. Could this be it?


Launching our first product

After hours and hours of work, I finally launched Honey Bun Dates and kicked started my new business with a Shopify store, social media accounts, and a product I was extremely proud of. My first product was 110+ Date Ideas, a digital download that could now be purchased by people all across the world. And so Honey Bun was born and the journey of promoting it had just begun. 


Growing and expanding

Over the coming months, Honey Bun grew and grew and gained more support than ever. We ended up launching 4 new date idea card sets and expanded by creating a set of connection cards. Our new products helped us grow even more and we were thrilled to see how people were connecting with our products and how they helped their relationships.

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Our new collection

Here at Honey Bun, we have big dreams and so this is the year that we finally made those dreams come true. We are launching our “Ultimate Date Idea Card Collection”, our best date idea set ever. We are so incredibly excited to release this after months and months of hard work and countless samples, we hope to help customers create lasting memories with their special someone.

In the future

What's coming next?

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Honey Bun. We already have some very exciting new products in the works, so stay tuned for their release. Honey Bun has been a labour of love and we are incredibly grateful for all the support on our journey, so thankyou!

This is not only a gift for your partner, but also for yourself! They are now able to surprise you with dates that wouldn’t need so much thinking and planning on their part. I would definitely recommend it!

— Meike

Fun and easy activities in different levels

— Emilie

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These were soooo cute!!

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